Privacy PolicyDiscover how Proglix collects, utilizes data, and your rights as a Proglix user.

Unless otherwise stated from time to time, the following is the Privacy Policy that explains how We collect, store, obtain, use, process, control, transfer, transmit, disclose, and protect Your Personal Data and Metadata.


By accessing and/or using the Application, You agree to and are bound by the Privacy Policy, including the collection, storage, acquisition, use, processing, control, transfer, transmission, disclosure, and protection of Your Personal Data and Metadata as set forth in this Privacy Policy.


Please read this Privacy Policy carefully and thoroughly to ensure that You understand this Privacy Policy.



The terms used in these Terms and Conditions shall have the meanings set forth below unless otherwise defined or the context requires otherwise:


"Affiliate"means any party that controls or is controlled by, is under common control with, or has majority members of the board of directors and/or the same board of commissioners as, the Company.
"Account"means any account registered on the Application managed by the Company.
"You" or "User"means any person using the Application
"Application"means the software named 'Proglix' on mobile devices or smartphones (mobile apps) managed by the Company.
"Personal Data"means information that can be identified or associated with You as determined by Us from time to time, including but not limited to, name, address, and mobile phone number.
"Metadata"means any information obtained from, related to, providing information about, and/or describing the use of the Application and/or transactions occurring through the Application, including Personal Data.
"Data"is Personal Data and Metadata.
"We" or "Company"means Proglix Indonesia.
"Cookies"means small files that will automatically be placed on the User's device performing functions in storing User preferences or configurations while visiting a site.
"Partner"means individual persons, business entities, or legal entities that sell Products on the Application.
"Products"means any goods and/or services offered by Partners on the Application.
"Parties"are the Company and Users collectively, and "Party" means each Company or User.
"Terms and Conditions"means the terms and conditions of using the Application that are applicable and binding on the Company and Users as amended from time to time.


Data Collection


  1. We collect Data from You and the use of the Application so that the Application can be used for its intended purposes, to support the efficiency of the Application's performance, and to improve Our service quality. The Data We collect includes Personal Data, Metadata, and other information You provide directly or automatically collected due to the use of the Application.
  2. The Data You provide directly to Us includes Personal Data You provide during the Account registration process, including but not limited to full name, address, gender, place and date of birth, Identity Number listed on the Identity Card (KTP), Your email address, Your selfie, Your Identity Card photo, and/or Your mobile phone number or other forms and methods that we request from time to time.
  3. Data collected automatically when You use the Application includes, but is not limited to, internet protocol address, login information, geolocation, operating system, and browser version of the device You use to access the Application, data traffic, site recordings, and other communication data.
  4. We may collect Cookies found on Your device's browser while the Application or site is being used to recognize and remember specific information such as session management, service personalization, and recording Your activities on the Application or site. You can disable Cookies on Your mobile device or smartphone, but this may limit the optimization of services when You access the site.


Use and Storage of Data


  1. We may use Data, including Your Personal Data and Metadata, for the following purposes or for other purposes permitted by applicable laws and regulations, including but not limited to:
    1. identifying and registering Your Account, including facilitating or performing any verifications deemed necessary by Us for the purposes of registering Your Account and/or implementing the customer identification principle (Know Your Customer);
    2. creating, administering, verifying, deactivating, and/or managing Your Account;
    3. providing Our services;
    4. providing notifications or information related to the use of Your Account, the Application, and/or Our services, including any updates or changes to the Application or Our services;
    5. enabling You to use interaction/communication features with Us through the Application, including consumer services to answer questions and/or complaints;
    6. endeavoring to display the content, content, and all information on the Application in the most effective manner for You and the electronic devices You use.
    7. monitoring and/or analyzing the use and management of the Application to support the efficiency and effectiveness of the Application and its functions, including usage patterns of the Application and activities, behaviors, and demographic data, including habits and usage of various services available on the Application;
    8. improving, enhancing the quality of, and/or developing Our services;
    9. conducting business processes and other business activities by the Company and/or Affiliates carried out reasonably and properly;
    10. providing assistance in connection with efforts to resolve operational and technical issues on the Application;
    11. preventing, detecting, and/or investigating any prohibited, unauthorized, unlawful activities or any form of fraud whatsoever;
    12. generating information and data analysis results for testing, research, analysis, product development, commercial partnerships, and cooperation;
    13. facilitating transactions of the Company and/or Affiliates, including mergers, acquisitions, and/or asset sales;
    14. enabling Us to comply with all obligations under applicable laws and regulations.
  2. The use and storage of Data will be carried out by Us in accordance with applicable legal provisions.
  3. Data, including Your Personal Data, will only be stored for as long as necessary to fulfill the purposes of its collection, or as long as such storage is required or permitted by applicable laws and regulations. We will cease to store Acquired Information as soon as it is deemed that the purpose of collecting and storing the Acquired Information is no longer required for business purposes or legally.
  4. You acknowledge and agree that there is a possibility that Data, including Your Personal Data, may reasonably be obtained and stored by Partners. You hereby agree to release Us (and any officers, directors, commissioners, employees, agents, partners, suppliers, contractors, and Affiliates) from and against any and all claims, losses, liabilities, costs, damages, and expenses (including but not limited to legal fees and full compensation expenses) arising out of or in connection with any errors or omissions by Partners in the form of unauthorized or unlawful use, storage, and/or disclosure of Data, including Your Personal Data.


Provision or Disclosure of Data


  1. You agree and authorize Us to provide or disclose Data, including Your Personal Data, to Partners, Our affiliates, and/or third parties cooperating with Us for the operation of the Application.
  2. You also agree to the provision or disclosure of Data, including Your Personal Data, by Us to third parties reasonably necessary to enhance the performance and quality of the Application, develop Application features, services, and Our products, including, but not limited to, maintaining and managing Our systems, devices, and networks, and to consultants, auditors, service providers, or professional advisors.
  3. We may provide or disclose Data, including Your Personal Data, in the event of a requirement by court ruling or decision, order or decision of an authorized institution, to comply with applicable laws and regulations, or in the event of legal proceedings, further preventive action regarding unauthorized or unauthorized activities, or suspected criminal activity or legal violations.
  4. We will make reasonable efforts to delete irrelevant Personal Data before providing or disclosing Data, including Your Personal Data.
  5. We may anonymize certain parts of Your Personal Data that can identify You into anonymous data, and disclose such anonymous data to third parties. We may also combine Your Personal Data with other information in such a way that the information is no longer associated with You, then disclose the combined information to third parties.
  6. We do not sell or rent Your Personal Data to any third party.
  7. We may provide and disclose Your Personal Data if You agree to such provision or disclosure.




The confidentiality of Your Personal Data is very important to Us. We make efforts and take reasonable steps to protect the security of Data, including Your Personal Data, including through the use of technology to scramble communication paths between computers so that they cannot be read by others such as GeoTrust Secure Socket Layer (SSL). Mobile phone numbers, authentication codes, or PINs (personal identification numbers) are used for authentication of access to Your Account. However, We cannot fully guarantee that our systems are completely invulnerable to viruses, malware, disruptions, hacking, breaches of law, or unauthorized access by third parties.

You must not provide or disclose Your authentication codes or PINs or information specifically intended for You to any other party and must always maintain the security of the devices You use.


Access Rights and Requests for Changes to Personal Data


You have the right to access Your Personal Data stored by the Company by submitting an access request to the email address: [email protected]. You also have the right to change Personal Data stored by the Company by submitting such notice to the email address: [email protected].


Request for Deletion of Personal Data


You have the right to request the deletion of Your Personal Data stored by the Company subject to the terms and procedures determined by applicable laws and regulations, by submitting a deletion request to the email address: [email protected].


You understand and agree that the deletion of Your Personal Data, in whole or in part, may result in You no longer being able to use Our Application.




At Our sole discretion, We reserve the right to change the Privacy Policy at any time by providing notice to You. You can access any changes to this Privacy Policy on the Application. By continuing to access and/or use the Application, You agree to and are bound by any changes to the Privacy Policy. You are free to not access or use the Application if You do not agree to such changes to the Privacy Policy.


Applicable Law and Dispute Resolution


This Privacy Policy and its implementation are governed by and subject to the laws of the Republic of Indonesia.


The Parties agree to resolve any disputes related to this Privacy Policy through mutual consultation. If the dispute cannot be resolved through mutual consultation within 30 (thirty) calendar days from the receipt of written notification by one Party from the other Party regarding the existence of the dispute, then the dispute shall be settled through the South Jakarta District Court.




You can provide suggestions, requests, complaints, or questions related to the Application to Us on Working Days via email: [email protected]. To respond to or respond to Your suggestions, requests, complaints, or questions, We will verify Your information or data. We reserve the right to refuse to process or respond to Your suggestions, requests, complaints, or questions if Your information or data does not match the information or data listed in Our system. We will verify Your suggestions, requests, complaints, or questions and provide responses in accordance with this Privacy Policy and Our applicable internal procedures and policies from time to time after receiving complete suggestions, requests, complaints, or questions from You.

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