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Streamline your Metal and Steel raw material procurement in Indonesia's top B2B platform. Instantly obtain price quotes for top-notch products at the best rates.

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Always ensuring seamless procurement processes and reliable delivery for your business growth.

Streamlined Buying & Selling

Proglix ensures a seamless experience, connecting metal suppliers and consumers on a global scale.

Excess Inventory Liquidation

No more stagnant stock issues, Proglix optimizes excess inventory liquidation, ensuring a more agile and profitable supply chain.

Customization and Logistics

Tailor-made solutions meet top-notch logistics, providing clients with a comprehensive suite of services.

E-Procurement Platform

Our digital procurement platform revolutionizes the way transactions occur, ensuring fair deals, product availability and optimal pricing.

Financing and Credit Solutions

Our platform goes beyond transactions, offering financial and credit solutions to empower businesses at every stage of their metal journey.

Choose us for expert sourcing and trusted partnerships in Metal and Steel procurement.

Get access to credit for any purchase, within a 30-day timeframe.

A Little Bit About Proglix

We go beyond providing a product – Proglix offers an integrated solution for SMEs and Large Enterprises in metal manufacturing and procurement. Our full-stack digital supply-chain platform acts as a dynamic bridge, streamlining processes from procurement and logistics to excess inventory liquidation, customization, financing, and e-procurement. Proglix is the catalyst for efficiency and innovation in the global metal supply chain landscape.


Enabling buyers and suppliers through the provision of top-notch raw materials sourced globally.


200+ world-class manufacturing and processing plants in the Metal and Steel sector.

Importer & Exporter

Explore a diverse array of premium export and import products within the Metal and Steel sector, curated to meet your specific needs.

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