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Our Vision

We picture a future where the metal industry operates seamlessly on a digital stage, with every stakeholders of the supply chain connected through a powerful, full-stack platform. This is the vision of Proglix, a B2B powerhouse set to transform the global metal supply chain landscape.

Proglix Advantage

Proglix doesn't just offer a product, we offer an integrated solution for both SMEs and Large Enterprises engaged in metal manufacturing and procurement. Our full-stack digital supply-chain platform serves as a dynamic bridge, facilitating every step of the process. From procurement to logistics, excess inventory liquidation to customization, and financing to e-procurement, Proglix is the catalyst for efficiency and innovation.

Core Value

At Proglix, our foundational values not only define our corporate identity but also serve as the guiding principles propelling us towards success.


Never cease to create innovations and always keep up with the developments in the raw materials supply industry in the digital era.


Building synergistic partner relationships with suppliers throughout Indonesia and assisting suppliers in increasing traction and reaching buyers.


All forms of innovation and decision-making are centered on the needs and interests of buyers as well as partner suppliers.

Our Journey

Since 2022, Proglix was founded as a procurement company specializing in raw materials, with a focus on both B2B and B2C segments.

  • 2022
    EstablishmentAugust 2022

    Proglix was first established in Indonesia under the name PT. Sinari Generasi Indonesia by Wynn Wijaya and Wendy Wijaya.

  • Seed FundingDecember 2022

    Proglix secured an undisclosed amount of initial funding from various renowned investors in Indonesia.

  • 2023
    Y CombinatorJanuary 2023

    Proglix is the only Indonesian startup selected from over 19,600 global applicants to join a startup accelerator program based in Silicon Valley, CA.

  • Global ExpansionApril 2023

    Proglix expands its operations through the establishment of a new headquarters in Singapore, named Proglix Commerce Pte. Ltd.

  • Pre-Series A FundingOctober 2023

    Proglix receives additional investment from investors in the United States and Singapore.

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